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The Neve Midbar beach is considered one of the most beautiful Dead sea beaches.
The beach hosts and serves hundreds of thousands of visitors a year: tourists from all over the world as well as Israeli families and organized groups.
Neve Midbar Beach offers its guests an amazing coastline full of rich mineral mud, swimming pools, wide lawns and an air-conditioned restaurant overlooking the beach.
The beach is perfect for private and business luxury productions, day or night.
Apart from the pools and the large restaurant overlooking the sea, there is a wide bar, lockers and many other beach services for the benefit of the users
A wedding at Neve Midbar

Are you looking for a place to get married?
It must be close to the city, and to suit everyone. To be open and special and extraordinary!
A location that guests will enter and say:
The Neve Midbar beach is the perfect place for a magical wedding. Perfect weather, pool, endless views, excellent food and service above and beyond.
You are invited to arrange a short visit..
And fall in love ..
Business Events
A good business event begins at the planning stage, months before it takes place. A good business event starts with the right choice of location. A place that can accommodate everyone, with suitable spaces, and no less important is a proper atmosphere and a team that will cooperate along the way.
In the Neveh Midbar beach you can find all this and more: In the winter and autumn season, the beach is having perfect weather even at sunset, clear air and magical views over the sea and Transjordan. The beach facilities allow you to create an event just like the beach events on the other side of the country to the shores of the Mediterranean. Among other things: a rich bar, restaurant, decorative carts, grassy areas, shading and more.
And above all - the team which is always friendly and happy to help. 

Fun Day
Over the years, we have accumulated experience to provide a solution to any social circle that wants to enjoy the Dead Sea: as a couple, with friends, with colleagues or with the family. In our restaurant or with your own food, with beer or ice-cream;  you just come and we make sure you have fun.
  • Breakfast and lunch are served in the air-conditioned restaurant.
  • 2 Alcohol Bars with a variety of food and beverage options.
  • Massage treatments and a variety of treats for groups in advance order.
Groups can be arranged in advance so we can help providing content, events and activities to your groups as needed: workshops, teamwork activities, treatments and so on.
Because in the lowest place in the world - the sky is the limit
Private parties and events

Here, in the lowest place in the world, one can dance until dawn.
A bar for drinks and alcohol, a huge dance floor, a DJ stage and endless fun.
All these and more are waiting for you at a party you plan on Neveh Midbar beach.
Parties and events can be combined at the end of a day of consolidation, at weddings and other private events, or separately into the night.
An evening event that begins with makeup, hairstyle, sermon and singalong could end with a crazy pool party into the night. Or vice versa.
You are most welcome to contact us, and we will be happy to serve you and plan with you the coolest party - In the lowest place in the world.

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